You need insurance, too


Every veterinarian should buy a professional liability policy.

“Every veterinarian should buy a professional liability policy,” says Bonnie Lutz, JD, an associate with Klinedinst Attorneys at Law in Orange County, Calif. “In California, veterinarians can purchase professional liability insurance through the California Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA). Professional liability insurance is also available through the AVMA PLIT.

Each state also has an administrative agency that investigates consumer complaints. In California, it's the Veterinary Medical Board (VMB). Complaints to the VMB or a similar agency are separate from lawsuits and can result in payment of fines and loss of the veterinarian's license or premises permit. License defense insurance is available in California, for instance, through the CVMA and AVMA PLIT to cover the cost of a defense attorney to handle these complaints.

“If you ever need an attorney, be sure to hire someone who does litigation and understands liability. The AVMLA and several other organizations can provide more information on liability and hiring an attorney.”

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