The 10 most-read veterinary clinical articles of 2014


The top clinical issues range from eyelid repair to vomiting cats.

We at Veterinary Medicine wanted to share our most-read clinical articles to show what topics are resonating with readers. Using our website's analytics, we compiled 2014's top posts. 

1. Chronic vomiting in cats: Pictorial pointers for diagnosis

This photo gallery provides resources on topics including what to consider when treating chronic vomiting, how to collect biopsy samples, and diagnostic guidelines.


2. The physiologic effects of fear

Research suggests patients' fear is an underestimated problem in veterinary medicine. Scared animals are less likely to show clinincal signs of illness, their stress responses taint sample collections, and their long-term mental health can suffer.   

3. Wound repair techniques: Single pedicle advancement flaps

Patients with square- or rectangular-shaped skin injuries can be treated with this technique. This photo gallery shows how skin flaps can be mobilized by undermining and advancing into the wound without altering the plane of the pedicle.

4. Using clonidine and trazodone for anxiety-based behavior disorders in dogs

One anti-anxiety medication might not be enough for some behavior patients. Clonidine can address such issues as noise phobias and separation anxiety, and trazodone can be effective with general anxiety disorders. Side effects and dosages are discussed. 


5. How to perform a scrotal urethrostomy and stop the stone cycle

The procedure treats recurrent urethral blockage by diverting urine flow.




6. Gossypiboma-induced abdominal fibrosarcoma in a German shepherd

A case study demonstrates why accounting for sponges during surgery can be a matter of life or death for patients.




7. Those frustrating vomiting cats!

Two veterinarians discuss how they researched chronic vomiting in felines and discovered the root cause is often small bowel disease.



8. Mind Over Miller: A cartoonist's conflict

Dr. Robert Miller shares a story about famed author James Herriot insisting on writing an introduction for his book to persuade the publisher to include some of Dr. Miller's cartoons. Miller's work is featured in a photo gallery.


9. Skills Laboratory: Eyelid laceration repair: A step-by-step guide

The photo gallery guide details the proper surgery response to eyelid trauma.




10. Clinical Rounds: Transitional cell carcinoma

Explore the case of a senior Chihuahua with this form of neoplasia from many different viewpoints. Transitional cell carcinoma is the most common urinary tract cancer in dogs, and the article explores the perspectives of clinical and anatomic pathology, radiology, medical, surgical, and medical and radiation oncology.

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