X-ray where you want it

May 9, 2016

New digital radiography machine offers ground-breaking mobility, giving veterinarians convenient new solutions during surgery and emergencies.(Sponsored by Core Imaging)

Core Imaging unveiled the Philips Opta in January, and this new digital radiography solution promises to bring unprecedented flexibility and clarity in radiography to veterinary practices. "This new Philips machine frees veterinary teams from needing a dedicated table, generator, or X-ray room," says Core Imaging President Randy Laufersky.

With this new portable digital radiography machine, you can take images anywhere. In the exam room. (Imagine. No need to lift large dogs. Your aching back will thank you.) In the surgery suite.  (You can take radiographs during surgery-right in the surgery suite, interrupting your work for only a few seconds. So quicker orthopedic surgeries. Woot.) 

"We're excited to offer veterinary teams a great image, and the easiest software available in the market," says Laufersky. "The design comes out of years of studying high patient flow in human hospitals, which requires very easy use and reliability." ('Cause those single species docs are super spoiled. And now you can reap the benefits.)

The Opta difference

Turn that unneeded X-ray room into a spa for you and your staff. Or, you know, a space to up your game on dentals. After all, you can store this machine in just 6 square feet.

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Here's one key to the solution: 5-foot scatter. This small radius means you don't have to dedicate the same space in your facility, which gives you greater flexibility without jeopardizing safety. 

According to a release from Core Imaging, other benefits include:

A powerful generator, which allows for a wide range of examinations. (We know you like the power.)

Unique imaging technology that detects the region of interest and automatically sets brightness, contrast, and detail enhancement for each anatomical area and view. Plus, every image indicates whether it's in the ideal dose range, so you can re-take immediately if there's an issue.

A 19-inch touchscreen for acquisition of images, with full rendering tools, delivering images with just three clicks and in 12 seconds.

Specific technique charts by species and weight, letting the system provide the best resolution on any size animal with minimal user input.

High-resolution images that can be measured and labeled at any time after acquisition.

An adjustable arm that lets veterinarians and team members shoot at any height from floor to table

"We obviously think this is a wonderful technological solution, but the best part is really our award-winning service," says Laufersky. "We do not outsource after-sale support, so you can trust that local service professionals will be available to service your system. That's just one more way we offer peace of mind."