"Will my pet be in pain?"


Spend five minutes at your next team meeting to take the pain out of pain discussions with pet owners.



Download these handouts and tools before your team meeting: 

Meeting guide: Explains the thinking behind the meeting and activities

Trainer's script: Step-by-step meeting dialogue

Pain management: What's your role? 

5 tips and tools for pain discussions

Client handout: "Will my pet be in pain?" 

Client handout: What you need to know about pets' pain

Client handout: Easy home modifications for painful pets

Welcome to Firstline's Team Training in a Virtual Box, your complete guide to team training. Try this Micro Team Meeting in a Box to take five-a five-minute education break at your next team meeting. (Download your trainer's script here.)

This is more than a scary question for clients. It can be a barrier to pets getting the care they need. When pet owners ask this question, they're seeking your reassurance, and your confident and educated response may make the difference to ensure pets receive all of the care you recommend. To get started, remind your team that everyone plays a role in pain management-especially pain management conversations with your veterinary clients. 

2-minute activity: What's your role?

Review the checklist, “Pain management: What's your role?” Discuss each team member's role in pain management conversations with pet owners.  

3-minute activity: 5 tips and tools for pain discussions

Now that you know your role in managing pets' pain, it's time to talk about what you can say when you talk to pet owners about pain. Use the team training tool “5 tips and tools for pain discussions” to prepare for these painful talks. Also discuss the client handouts, “Will my pet be in pain?”“What you need to know about your pet's pain” and “Easy home modifications for painful pets” to reinforce your message to pet owners. 

1-minute activity: Thank your team

Thank your team for taking the time to learn about this painful topic. Remember, when you build awareness about pets' pain, you can address it earlier and more effectively and help reduce pets' suffering. 

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