When pet owners put the nut in nutrition


We asked your veterinary peers for the craziest nutrition conversations theyd had with pet owners, and, boy, they did not disappoint.

It started with a photo of a 40-pound cat. Along with that, we posed the question, “What's the craziest conversation you've had with a pet owner regarding nutrition?” Unsurprisingly, your peers' stories regarding nutrition were indeed crazy. Click through to see what their responses were, and behold just how off-kilter pet owners can get when it comes to feeding their fur babies.

“Older pet owner only feeds dog seasoned hamburger meat and McDonald's cheese burger. Did bw cholesterol was off the charts.”

“Me: ‘Your dog has diabetes, please only feed this diabetic food.' Owner: ‘So I can't give her tea and yoghurt anymore?' … I actually thought she was kidding … she wasn't.”


“My dachshund will only eat pancakes and sausage.”

“Client: ‘Rabbits are hard-wired by nature to only eat foods that can't harm it. If pizza wasn't good for my rabbit, he wouldn't eat it.'”


“A rabbit owner told me their rabbit doesn't eat grass or vegetables, only grains, pasta and bread. Blood glucose was off the charts and owner was faced with daily injections of insulin. Suddenly the rabbit started enjoying her hay, grass and veggies and the diabetes was resolved in less than 4 weeks.”

“'Yes, I give my Macaw vegetables.' Me: ‘Great! Which ones?' Client: ‘French fries and ketchup.'”


“I have had so many discussions with owners about obese pets. They all think their pets ‘don't eat much' and are ‘picky eaters.' I can't even begin to say how frustrating it is for me to see so many owners basically abuse their pets by making them so obese.”

“Had a very long conversation with a woman about why her cat can't be vegetarian. She was morally against feeding or touching meat products for the cat. Explaining that cats are obligate carnivores, not omnivores … did not help. She asked if there was a plant-based, high-protein cat food.”


“[Owner] has a dog who is a diabetic. We were doing a glucose curve and she didn't wanna leave the dog at our work, so she decided to come back and forth every 2 hours to get a glucose check. The last time she came back, she said she was feeding him and he had a chicken nugget from Wendy's earlier …”

“Yes, dear owner, your dog needs water more often than once a week.”

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