What if you could buy more time?


You love your clients and veterinary patientsand you need a break.

What would YOU do with a free evening or weekend? Photo by shutterstock.comThis triage service seeks to answer clients' biggest after-hours concern: Do I need to go to the emergency vet, or can I see my regular veterinarian tomorrow?

On call, all the time?

Your clients want access to you, 24/7. So do your significant others, your children-furred and otherwise-and your friends. And what about you time-fuggedaboutit. Enter GuardianVets. This spritely young startup focuses on your most valuable possession-your time.

The time-consuming dilemma

You've probably done it both ways-you've handled the cranky client who went to the emergency facility the night before and found out their pet's problem really wasn't an emergency or you've taken the call yourself-and lost an hour, an evening or more reassuring your client. What if there were a third option that bonded clients to your practice?

Ta-da! Triage for clients

GuardianVets offers a service for veterinary practices to answer your evening and weekend calls. Veterinarians and technicians with experience handling emergencies answer your clinic's calls and offer triage services. For nonemergent pets, they can schedule appointments for you to see the client the next day. And they can direct patients in emergencies to go to an emergency facility. In either case, GuardianVets CEO John Dillon says it bonds clients to the veterinary practice. The service is free to pet owners; practices buy a subscription to the service. Have questions? We bet! Click here to learn more.

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