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Wellness and mobility tips in honor of National Adopt a Senior Pet Month


YuMove dog joint supplement company provides these invaluable tips that you can share with pet owners

November marks National Adopt a Senior Pet Month, which raises awareness of shelter animals in need of forever homes and recognizes the importance of the health and wellness of older pets everywhere.1 In honor, YuMove, the joint supplement for dogs, has shared a release outlining wellness and mobility tips for senior pets.

Photo courtesy of YuMove.

Photo courtesy of YuMove.

The company suggest maintaining senior pets’ health and wellness through2:

  • Helping them be comfortable at home. This can be accomplished through non-slip walking surfaces; easily accessible elevated food and water bowls; ramps; and special harnesses.
  • Going outside and exercising in moderation. Engaging in exercise each day helps manage a dog's weight and offers mental stimulation. Dogs with stiff joints would benefit from regular shorter walks. Be sure to gauge the weather and be careful during winter months with snow and rain, and hotter months with heat.
  • Being mindful of a pet's weight. A healthy weight can be achieved through a healthy diet; limiting treats; not feeding table scraps; and setting aside time daily for moderate walks.
  • Checking a dog's mobility. Look for visible signs of stiffness in the morning or after resting; slowing down on walks; reluctance to get out of bed, going up or down stairs; lethargy; grumpiness during or after walks, or even when being petted.
  • Providing a high-quality dog hip and joint supplement. This may help provide extra support for dogs’ hips and joints and help maintain or support their mobility.
  • Considering pet mobility products for disabled or elderly dogs. This can include dog wheelchairs, harnesses, slings, and dog leg splints to help support or maintain the mobility of dogs and other animals when advised by one's veterinarian.
  • Consulting with the veterinarian. Veterinarians can help provide insight and offer proactive care so senior pets can remain healthy and comfortable.

To further address National Adopt a Senior Pet Month, YuMove has teamed up with the Mr Mo Project3 which rescues senior dogs from shelters in the US to help them find new loving families. Those interested can adopt a senior dog through the Mr Mo Project’s website or at local shelters in the nation.


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