Weight loss: What's your role in veterinary practice?


Help pets that come to your veterinary practice reach a healthy weight with these tips and tools:


When pet owners visit your practice, offer them the feline and canine lifestyle reviews at dvm360.com/lifestyle. This tool will help identify changes in the pet's weight as well as the pet owner's perception of their pet's weight.

Technicians and assistants:

Encourage pet owners to visit for free weigh-ins, and use the cat and dog weigh-in forms at dvm360.com/weighin to track pets' progress.

Practice manager:

Offer training at team meetings. Use the advice at dvm360.com/weighttrain to learn how to create a weight loss program in your practice.


Before the pet's physical examination, use a compliance review form to see how the pet's weight has changed and note any other recommendations you've offered. Use the form at dvm360.com/complyform.

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