Warm ... warmer ... your veterinary design idea's red-hot!


... or it will be if this dvm360 reader gets the electric radiant flooring she wants. Veterinary architect and Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Conference educator Heather Lewis, AIA, tells her whether it's a good idea.

This is NOT an accurate representation of electric radiant heated flooring. It's actually perfectly safe. (Getty Images)Q. I'm contemplating whether to install a heated floor in my large-dog recovery area. What I'm considering are the thermostat-controlled floor heaters typically used in bathrooms that are installed under the floor tiles. Is this a good idea?

A. "Yes, electric radiant flooring is fine, just like the kind you put in a bathroom," says architect Heather Lewis, AIA. "I've done that frequently in the past in animal facilities. Just be sure to place a pad under dogs on the floor in recovery so they're not directly on the surface. That will help distribute heat and ensure the dog doesn't overheat."

Heather Lewis, AIA, NCARB, is a partner at Animal Arts, an architecture firm in Boulder, Colorado.

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