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Where has the Veterinary Nurse Initiative been and where is it going? You'll find dvm360's comprehensive coverage of the issues here.

Way back in 2015, NAVTA kicked off National Veterinary Technician Week by announcing on its website that it had "initiated conversations with global, national, and state organizations regarding implementing the term Veterinary Nurse for the veterinary technician profession, as well as establishing a national standard for credentialing and using Registered Veterinary Nurse, or RVN, as a unified title."

We've compiled some of dvm360's coverage of the initiative below (in chronological order, with the latest articles at the top) to help keep track of what's happened since then, and we'll keep updating the list as more news, opinions and issues arise.

The latest on the Veterinary Nurse Initiative

Banfield industry summit offers an update on the profession's efforts to change technicians' title to “registered veterinary nurse.”

RNs fight veterinary technicians over the word 'nurse'

Human nurses say they-and only they-have the right to use this word to describe their work.

Why so many terms for veterinary technician?

Veterinary Nurse Initiative aims to streamline, unify professional designation.

Where have all the technicians gone?

Many practices are finding it difficult to hire-and keep-credentialed veterinary technicians. Learn why are there so few of these elusive creatures and what can we do to help them flourish.

Your Veterinary Voice, Episode 14: Meet Ken Yagi, BS, RVT, VTS (ECC, SAIM)

Get an über-tech's take on the national credential initiative, career development in the veterinary field and what it's like to spend childhood as a hopeful mechanical robot hero.

NAVTA Nurse Initiative targets Indiana, Michigan, Ohio for technician name change

Group hopes to have “registered veterinary nurse” credential adopted in three states by July 2018.

NAVTA seeks national veterinary nurse credential

Veterinary Nurse Initiative Coalition will pursue legislative amendments in all 50 states.

What Uber can teach us about the national credential initiative

Have YOU ever had to explain your job title to an Uber driver? Ken Yagi has, and part of the reason he's in favor of the title change to registered veterinary nurse.

Tech vs. nurse: The national credential initiative cheat sheet

Don't be embarrassed if you don't understand (or haven't kept up with) NAVTA's national credential initiative. Here's a quick breakdown of what it is-and what it means for veterinary technicians (and the profession). Bonus: No test at the end!

Man on the street: What IS a tech?

Ken Yagi, BS, RVT, VTS (ECC, SAIM), hits the pavement at CVC in Kansas City to find out what pet owners really think when they hear the words "veterinary technician" and "veterinary nurse."

Veterinary technician or nurse? We asked, you answered

Data from the 2016 Firstline Career Path Study shows a clear preference for a term. Can you guess which one?

Commentary: It's time for technicians to be called ‘veterinary nurses'

The public will understand this title more easily, with less explanation needed.

Veterinary technician or veterinary nurse?

NAVTA calls for term change to veterinary nurse in a special announcement to kick off National Veterinary Technician Week.


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