Veterinary Growth Partners celebrates 10-year anniversary with free membership and events


Formerly member-exclusive events and VGP Elite membership benefits are open to all

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2023 marks Veterinary Growth Partners’ 10-year anniversary, and in honor of that, they are opening all their member-exclusive events to all veterinary practices, nationwide. In addition, non-VGP members will have access to 6 months of complimentary VGP Elite membership.* VGP offers a variety of educational webinars, events, articles, e-courses, and more to strengthen your understanding of what it takes to be a successful veterinary practice.

Now open for registration:

  1. Leading with Emotional Intelligence - February 3-5 (Charlotte, NC) - This program is designed to help you understand how you best contribute to your practice using emotional intelligence as the language to assess your leadership strengths and challenges. This valuable program delivers the in-depth knowledge and practical emotional intelligence skills you need to ensure that you are a strong, emotionally intelligent leader. These skills will allow you to transform your primary challenges at work. 12 hours RACE CE.
  2. Virtual Pathway Planning - February 25-26 (Zoom) - Pathway Planning is a system for diagnosing and assessing your practice’s business health while creating a strategy to achieve your goals. Most hospitals are great at diagnosing their problems but struggle to fix what ails them. Pathway Planning addresses this shortcoming by making your mission, vision, and values an interactive part of everyday planning and action. 10 hours RACE CE.
  3. A Team Approach to Healthy Conflict - April 14-16 (San Diego, CA) - How often do you face conflict at work? If you dread it, you’re not alone! Bolster your confidence and learn how to deal gracefully with conflict and difficult conversations by attending this intensive, interactive program. You will develop specific skills that allow you to productively manage conflict. You’ll take a comprehensive conflict-competence assessment, build new skills, and walk away with a personalized development plan. 12 hours RACE CE.

Veterinary Growth Partners does way more than negotiate pricing deals to help over 6,000 hospitals save money. We’re a full-on management services organization that specializes in empowering members to reach their practice’s full potential.

In addition to connecting veterinary practices with innovative, game-changing resources that maximize efficiency and optimize profitability, VGP provides a holistic approach to ensuring your success. Through our unique blend of management tools, educational opportunities, and consulting services, we’re constantly working to ensure our members have everything they need to grow a successful business, so they can focus more on what matters most—their patients.

VGP Elite members have complimentary access to a Practice Coach, a fundamental tool to help practice leaders with expert support, goal setting, and accountability. VGP Practice Coaches work directly with Practice Owners, Practice Managers, and other members of the leadership team remotely. Your Practice Coach can meet with you or your leadership team to discuss any of the major areas of management within your practice. During these meetings, you can review your P&L, budget, discuss personnel issues, role play, discuss ways to solve interpersonal disputes, review your inventory process and procedures, help create and implement marketing strategies, and much more!

“VGP practice coaches have really focused my business. They provide so much feedback and experience. Everyone needs a coach, there is no reason to go this alone. I highly recommend the VGP practice coaches to anyone owning or operating a veterinary practice.”

—Dr. Richard Gesell, Acton Veterinary Group

“Veterinary Growth Partners coaching staff has been an invaluable part of our growth as a hospital. The insight shared and direction given by our practice coach has assisted us in creating a positive, collaborative team - a culture that many hospitals would be envious of!”

—Alexandra Juriga, Veterinary Dental Center

Save the dates for all VGP’s 2023 live and virtual events:

  • June 21-22 - Virtual Emotional Intelligence (Zoom)
  • September 15-17 - Tough Talks & Pathway Planning (Chicago, IL)
  • October 4-5 - Virtual Conflict Conversations (Zoom)
  • November 10-12 – Topic Pending (Austin, TX)
  • December 13 - Virtual Pathway Planning: Fast Track (Zoom)

You can also see us at the Fetch and ACVC Conferences throughout 2023.

For more information including event details, visit or reach out to our Customer Service Team by calling 1-800-577-0120.

*Corporately owned practices are not eligible for VGP membership. The VGP Customer Service Team will confirm practice promotion eligibility.

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