Veterinary boarding and grooming: The good, the bad, and the profitable


Your veterinary clients want it-but is it worth it? Comb through the pros and cons before you provide boarding and grooming services.

First the bad news: Boarding and grooming is certainly not and shouldn’t be your first thought in regard to operating a veterinary hospital. Not every veterinarian is cut out for the job. Nearly everyone in the veterinary business would agree that boarding and grooming facilities are difficult to manage. Plus, it’s a service you provide through someone else yet you still have to deal with the client complaints.

Now the good news: So why would you even consider providing boarding and grooming services? Let’s talk about the upside. Many entrepreneurial veterinarians have used boarding as justification for a new facility. When you first open a veterinary hospital—and you haven’t brought many clients with you—boarding can be as much as 50 percent of your total income.

And the best news: The idea that boarding isn’t profitable is just not true. One of our companies limited to only boarding and grooming grossed $1.5 million and a net slightly above $300,000 after paying a management fee and employees divided a $50,000 bonus. And if we were able to focus more on this business, it could be even more financially successful. While profits are important, they aren’t our primary focus. This boarding and grooming facility is fun to own and operate because it offers luxury suites, day care, and “BuddySleepovers” that assure the safety and comfort of each cherished pet.

In conclusion: If you’re concerned and don’t have an inclination to provide boarding services, I would urge you not to start. However, if you want to provide luxury facility and total care for pets in your community, then boarding can certainly be a way to build assets. While operating a successful boarding and grooming business, you can gain equity and own valuable land that can be part of your retirement plan.

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