Veterinarians are facing a mental health crisis, but pet owners can help


Practicing veterinary medicine is challenging in more ways than 1, and recent studies have illuminated a growing mental health crisis within the profession

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Most veterinarians have known they would go into the animal health profession since they were children.

Driven by their deep love for helping animals, they put in years of hard work in veterinary school, often taking out exorbitant student loans to cover the costly tuition, and now they find great fulfillment caring for animals each day.

#1: They care for your pets like they were their own

When your veterinarian says they care for your pet like they were their own, they mean it. They do everything in their power to give pets the best quality of life, and when their best isn’t enough to save an animal, it cuts them to the core. Sure, they put on a strong, professional face for you, but chances are, they’re wiping away tears the minute you walk out the door.

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