Vet confessions: Work and family


Parents in veterinary medicine often find themselves missing out on milestones.

Between long hours and being constantly on call, veterinary professionals everywhere find themselves struggling to find time to spend with their families. At Fetch dvm360 conferences, they've shared with us their struggles and successes of parenting while working in a veterinary practice as part of the Veterinary Confessional Project.

Parents making sacrifices

My daughter is going to PROM tonight & I'm not there! She said I could go get CE but I'm :( (But I also am enjoying Fetch)


Tired of turfing all the cool cases. I miss ECC but afraid I'd miss my kids more if I went back.


It's OK not to want to have children <3 Mom, LVT


My girlfriend (future wife) does not want children. We are both vets and she is scared that having them will greatly impact her career.


My 3 year old loves animals, but I tell her she'll never work in vet medicine. I want her to have a happy life, and not have the struggles I did. -Worried mother (vet tech)


I just want to go home to my kids on time.


I am a vet, a mom, and a wife. I feel like I can never be great at one without completely failing the others. :/


I once got asked how long I planned on nursing my son & pumping every 4 hours at work. You know what, it's none of your business and being a mom makes me a bad ass vet!


Now see what the kids say

My mom is a vet. She is at work a lot but I know she is doing something helpful!


My dad is a pain in the butt


I miss my dad when he is gone! I love to go one calls with him!

Editor's note: These confessions were submitted through or written live at Fetch dvm360 by attendees. Need to get something off your chest? You can submit an anonymous confession here.


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