Vet confessions: Its all about well-being

March 17, 2019

You work a lot of hours helping patients in need and probably have felt more than a little stress in the past week. Thats the life of a veterinary professional. But you need to take time to take care of you, too.

Here are some of the secrets veterinary professionals have shared through the Veterinary Confessionals Project. These confessions from the Fetch dvm360 conference show that a lot of your peers are stressed and overworked, some tips for how to take care of yourself and reminders that you've got to look out for you. Read these, then share your own here.

I'm stressed

I LOVE working with animals but burnt out! What's next? Where do I go from here? Help!!

I feel stagnant and lazy at my job. I don't want to work more doing the same thing, but don't want to quit. Path is unclear. P.S. I lie when strangers ask what I do because I hate being asked for advice.

I am a vet asst and really love what I do, but the toxic work environment is hurting my mental health. Here's to hoping self-care will allow me to stay in the industry. (Also, give us millennials a break. We're trying.)



Here's how I get by

Sometimes I go to the bathroom just to take a break from the stress!

Excuse me while I meditate.

Five years in and I'm not burnt out! Prevention is key!

By saving animals and promoting their health, I saved myself.

Working with animals saves me … From my severe depression and anxiety. I'm not sure I would here if it wasn't for them.


Take the time to focus on you

It's time for veterinary professionals to experience self love, respect and enhanced confidence. We can elevate our profession by a global paradigm shift. We are amazing and deserve to live great lives!

I love my job but feel sometimes we don't take care of ourselves. Don't make work your entire life.

Empathy: Save some for yourself do not give it all to your patients.

I probably would have quit practicing if I hadn't gotten into therapy last year-if you need help, get help! Much happier vet now.

To all veterinarians and vet techs that give their all to their patients: DO NOT neglect yourself! It is easy to lose yourself and keep giving until you have nothing left. Take time off, reflect, recharge, spend time with loved ones! Burn-out was the hardest thing to go through for me.