Vet confessions: Grain-free diets and overweight pets


These veterinary professionals reveal awkward client encounters surrounding nutrition and their own feelings about overweight pets.

You've probably had many awkward encounters discussing pet nutrition with veterinary clients (as evidenced by some of the wild stories we gathered from social media). So, gut check: does the phrase “grain-free diet” make you shudder ... or does it feel like an opportunity? At least a few of you out there are clearly feeling the love for overweight pets-regardless of what you tell their owners.

Check out some of our favorite vet confessions on pet nutrition below. And send us your weirdest, most awkward or best encounters here. (Whether food-related or not-we'll take ‘em all!)

Nutrition nightmares in the clinic

I hate talking to owners about nutrition. Their pet is always on a “high quality,” “grain free”/”raw diet.” What do I say? Usually-“that's great.” What to do?

Remember-Clients come to you because you are perceived as a voice of knowledge. Talk frankly about proper nutrition-and all of the nutritional MYTHS-and they do listen. I have re-converted many clients to proper attitudes about feeding.

We have chocolates at the front desk and a young adult told her little sister that chocolate is bad for dogs because they can get worms. Umm what?!?! –had to laugh in my mind

When I ask a client-“What food do you feed?” and they reply with-“I don't know, BUT IT'S GRAIN FREE!” Makes me want to go home.

Try not to be judgmental of owners. Just because they can't do something doesn't mean they don't want to or know they should.


Lovin' the chub

I tell clients their cats are overweight … while feeding them a/d. I kinda support feline obesity. :)

Even though I tell clients their pets need to lose weight, I <3 chubby animals.

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