Vet confessions: Awkward doesnt even begin to describe it


When life hands you awkward situations, you make veterinary confessions.

As much as we like to think of ourselves as professionals, sometimes awkward situations just can't help but plague our workdays-especially when we work in veterinary medicine. Luckily, our patients are none the wiser. Read these cringe-worthy, gut-busting, traumatically relatable confessions, then share your own here.

Best induced emesis outcome: Dog vomits up condom-owner blames teenage son.  

My underpants fell out of my pant leg while I was in an exam room talking to clients!! (It was a cold day and I had changed to long johns but failed to keep track of my undies! Went back to work and there they were!) Bonus goofiness: I thought it was a white rag and was handing it “back” to a client when I realized what it was!! Why was it the day I wore plain white instead of stripes? I just took a deep breath and explained to the client … so we could go on. Great career, funny moment. Thirty years on-still happy!

Once I had a human cardiologist stand over my shoulder while I necropsied his dog who had heart disease.



Removed pair of thong undies. When owner came to pick up they were not hers. The yelling at the husband as soon as they were out the door.

Emergency erection exams on neutered dogs … You haven't lived until you get one.

After removing a foreign body from this Lab, I showed it to the owner and his wife. She looks over at him holding up the bright pink thong we removed and said, “These aren't my panties!” Yikes! #homewrecker

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