VENSA unveils new platform for recent veterinary graduates


The new education and mentoring program offers assistance to new veterinarians as they transition from school to the clinic.

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Veterinary Education, Network, Support, and Advocacy (VENSA) released a new educational platform for recent veterinary graduates that offers critical clinical skills, client communication instruction, and mentorship to fulfill their new roles as veterinarians.

“Many new graduates feel dependent upon specialty referrals until they gain confidence—but there is so much they have the skills to do in a general practice,” said Dennis Chew, DVM, DACVIM, in a company release.

“I am passionate about the VENSA program because it empowers this group of young clinicians to hit the ground running with the complete network of clinical, emotional, and communication support they need to be successful,” he added.

With a higher demand for veterinary care coupled with staff shortages, more pressure has been applied on new clinicians to become independent, productive clinic members from the start with little mentorship or transitional support.

According to the release, the VENSA program starts with a 7-month educational boot camp designed to be completed while working full-time. Participants partake in live virtual sessions weekly to develop clinical, communication, and emotional intelligence skills. Through breakthrough technology, instructors demonstrate clinical procedures with a live first-person experience enabling students to learn detailed hands-on skills. Students receive education on a clinical topic and related client communication tips each week.

What's more, weekly mentoring sessions with industry leaders offer new graduates 1-on-1 assistance where they are provided help with case workups, client communication, emotional support, and more. VENSA members receive networking opportunities such as interactive case rounds, peer-to-peer discussions, and grief management support, according to the release.

Additionally, they have access to support services such as office hours with instructors and specialist consults. Advocacy tools consist of job boards, legal contract reviews, resume writing services, and work-life counseling.

VENSA is accepting registrations beginning on March 1, 2022, for the first boot camp starting on September 1, 2022.


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