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Dr Natalie Marks shares her tips on explore a career outside of a traditional veterinary role

As veterinary professionals enter the field for the first time, or sit back and a look at their career up to a point in time, they may began to realize that the job they are entering or had for years may not be the best fit for them. However, if they are looking for a change, how do they know what else is out there for them, or how to pave the way to a career a they truly love and enjoy?

During this interview with dvm360, Natalie L. Marks, DVM, CVJ, CCFP, -Elite FFCP-V, gives an inside look at what attendees can learn from her upcoming keynote "'Man, I Feel Like a Woman!'" How Country Songs Made Me a Better Veterinarian" that she will deliver at the upcoming Fetch Nashville Conference.

The following is a transcript of the video:

Natalie L. Marks, DVM, CVJ, CCFP, Elite FFCP-V: I think, as a profession, if you aren't clinically practicing in a hospital, you're either looked at as sort of less than, in a way. And I think industry veterinarians felt this way for a long time, like, 'oh, you went industry.' Or you don't know what to do. Like, if I'm not practicing, what on earth am I going to do with a veterinary degree. And part of my keynote is to showcase there is so much out there that you can do and really challenge yourself, because many of us probably thought from day one, we are going to be veterinarians, but so many veterinarians are either second career veterinarians, or they're a veterinarian, but they also love to do all of these other things in life.

And so I hope to show that if you're feeling stuck, or you're feeling like maybe clinical practice isn't for me anymore, or maybe I want to go part-time in clinical practice and I want to work on my writing skills or my public speaking or my regulatory or I want to be a lobbyist or I want to work for human health and do the veterinary side or I want to work in not-for-profits, I want to help with research, whatever it is, there's just so many roads out there. And they aren't, sadly, always paved. My road wasn't paved.

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