Understanding millennial pet owners


In an interview with dvm360®, Steve Dale, CABC, offered insight into treating the companion animals of millennial pet parents by having a deeper knowledge of their priorities.

In an interview with dvm360® at the New York Vet Show in New York, New York, Steve Dale, CABC, shared the uniqueness surrounding millennial pet parents and how to cater to these owners' needs by prioritizing their pet's emotional well-being.

View the video below for the entire discussion. The following is a partial transcript:

Steve Dale, CABC: Heroes in veterinary medicine right now, as far as your clients go, are millennials. More than ever before [these pet parents] are bonded in ways emotionally—that we haven't seen in the history of the world—to their companion animals. Now, there are pros and cons to all that, but 1 of the pros is they're coming in to see you, veterinarians. Particularly for cats—dogs for sure—but...cats are the big benefactors right now of millennials that are saying, 'I need to see the veterinarian.'

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