Train clients on proper puppy care


Puppy booklets are a handy resource for new puppy owners in need of guidance.

Puppy owners often feel overwhelmed raising their furry new friend. After all, there are tons of issues to address, from housetraining to nutrition to chewing. But clients who bring puppies to Olathe Animal Hospital in Olathe, Kan., walk away feeling prepared, thanks to Dr. J.C. Burcham, an associate at the hospital.

Dr. Burcham has created a simple, informative puppy booklet the practice sends home with each new puppy owner. The booklet addresses basic training questions, informs clients about parasites and other major health issues, and discusses the benefits of microchipping and pet insurance. Clients can also find information about the practice and surgical procedures.

The booklets weren't hard to create. Dr. Burcham simply used a Microsoft Word template, inserted a few pictures, and added the information. To make the booklets look especially nice, the practice paid to have them printed and bound—a little over $3,000 for 600 copies. But Dr. Burcham is happy with the booklet—as are her clients. "The feedback has been very positive," Dr. Burcham says. "Clients are impressed and thankful to have all that information in one booklet."

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