Top 10 tests


The dirt on skin diagnostics.

Test: Indications

1. Skin smear: To identify the presence of organisms (bacteria or yeast)

2. Skin scraping: To identify parasites

3. Fungal culture: To identify ringworm (dermatophytosis)

4. Skin biopsies: To rule in or out underlying endocrine, immune-mediated, allergy, fungal, bacterial, or parasitic disease

5. Urinalysis: To identify internal diseases

6. Complete blood count, blood panel: To identify internal diseases

7. Thyroid panel: To rule in or out thyroid hormone abnormality

8. Low dose dexamethasone suppression test and/or an ACTH stimulation test: To rule in or out Cushing's disease

9. Culture: To determine the type of bacteria present and the appropriate antibiotic to use

10. Allergy testing: To determine the underlying allergen causing the infections

Source: Allergy, Skin and Ear Clinic for Pets in Livonia, Mich.

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