Top 10 Pet-Friendly States in the Country

February 21, 2017
Kerry Lengyel

Maine and Virginia top the list of the most pet-friendly states in the United States. Does your state rank in the top 10?

Safewise, an authority on home safety and security, recently released a list of the most pet-friendly states in the country.

The list was compiled based on 2015 data from the Bureau of Labor, the Animal Legal Defense Fund, and online pet resources like Rankings are based on the strictness of the states’ anti-cruelty laws, percentage of no-kill shelters, number of pet-friendly destinations, and more.

Following are some points to ponder about the top 10 most pet-friendly states in America. Does your state rank? Continue to the next page to find out.

10. Washington

  • Most of the state welcomes pets in parks, restaurants, hotels, and more
  • 13th best anti-cruelty laws
  • Takes animal abuse very seriously
  • Negative: Some of Washington’s cities ban pit bulls.

9. Rhode Island

  • 7th best in the nation for animal protection
  • Best overall health and wellness factors for pets
  • 27 beaches and trails statewide are designated as pet-friendly

8. Kansas

  • About 30% of the state’s 87 animal shelters are no-kill
  • 370 of the state’s hotels allow dogs as guests
  • Negative: Many areas of the country ban pit bulls and Rottweilers.

7. Massachusetts

  • 10th best state for anti-cruelty legislation
  • Over 1600 veterinarians to keep pets in ideal health
  • 208 dog-friendly hiking trails, beaches, and parks
  • Negative: Ownership of pit bulls is restricted in Boston.

6. Oregon

  • Over 200 dog-friendly trails, beaches, and parks
  • 240 pet-friendly businesses
  • Negative: Some cities restrict ownership of certain breeds.

5. Colorado

  • Over 1000 pet-friendly hotels
  • 200 pet-friendly trails
  • 1900 veterinarians practice here
  • Negative: Seven cities in Colorado ban all fighting breeds, including pit bulls and American bulldogs.

4. Oklahoma

  • 17th best anti-cruelty laws
  • 33 dog parks and pet-friendly trails
  • 93 dog-friendly restaurants
  • Negative: The number of no-kill shelters could be a bit higher..

3. Arizona

  • 10th best state in the country for its percentage of no-kill shelters
  • 11th best state for anti-cruelty laws
  • 629 pet-friendly businesses
  • Over 900 pet-friendly hotels

2. Virginia

  • Over 2500 veterinarians practice in the state
  • 19th best state in the country for anti-cruelty laws
  • 371 dog-friendly restaurants and businesses
  • Negative: 15% of the state’s shelters are no-kill.

1. Maine

  • No breed restrictions
  • 76 dog-friendly beaches, hiking trails, and dog parks
  • Nearly 1000 pet-friendly hotels
  • Negative: About 70% of shelters euthanize due to overcrowding.