Top 10 medicine articles of 2017-yahoo!

December 20, 2017

Without further ado, we'd like to give you a chance to review the articles that broke through. We hope you'll like them too.

We did say "without further ado," so let's get to it!


What to do when you see a tooth of a different color

If your patient has a gray, pink, purple or blue tooth, don't just tell the owner to keep an eye on it. An intrinsically stained tooth is more than just a cosmetic issue, and the associated disease is often painful.

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Is your demodicosis knowledge a bit (c)rusty?

You ‘mite' as well read up, because veterinary dermatologist Dr. Allison Kirby says a lot has changed in the past six years.

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Feline injection-site sarcomas update

Though still often called vaccine-associated fibrosarcoma, it is now known that many types of injections can cause this aggressive form of neoplasia in cats. Monitoring injection sites is key to a good prognosis, as is an optimal treatment protocol.

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8 mistakes you're making in surgical anesthesia

The patient is young and healthy-what could possibly go wrong? Plenty, say Drs. Jennifer Wardlaw and Andrew Claude. Heed their tips.

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“I'm treating my dog's hot spot with Listerine”

Your response? Try these communication remedies for at-home dermatologic treatments gleaned from Dr. Google. The goal: Help the pet without shaming the client.

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Ixnay on the IBD: An update on handling patients with chronic enteropathies

When it comes to chronic gastrointestinal cases, it's time to throw out your outdated terms and diagnoses.

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Identifying and treating 3 tick-borne diseases in dogs

Diagnosis of canine tick-related disease has been occurring with greater frequency, making knowledge of all tick-borne diseases increasingly important. This detailed overview of anaplasmosis, ehrlichiosis and Rocky Mountain spotted fever will help you be prepared when these diseases make an appearance in your veterinary clinic.

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Joint supplements: The helpful vs. the hype

There's a lot of crazy info out there when it comes to canine joint health and mobility. (Elk antler, anyone?) Arm yourself with the evidence and position your veterinary practice as the trusted source of reliable data.

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5 vile veterinary derm conditions that get under my skin

When the going gets gross, get going on finding solutions that preserve both the health of the pet and the human-animal bond.

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The faces of chronic pain in the veterinary clinic

With so many options now at your disposal to take the pain away or prevent it in the first place in veterinary patients, paying more attention to where you or your clients might be missing it is a vital exercise. We worked with Robin Downing, DVM, MS, DAAPM, DACVSMR, CVPP, CCRP, on a photo gallery of pets in chronic pain to give you a visual guide to brush up your recognition.

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5 imaging gems for veterinarians: How digital radiography can make your practice sparkle

Worried that DR will become obsolete as soon as you make the purchase? Don't worry-just like fine diamonds, this technology holds value for years to come.

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