The lowdown on veterinary seizures

San Diego

In a dvm360® interview, Fred Wininger, VMD, MS DACVIM, outlined common causes of seizures and breeds that are at risk.

In a recent interview at the San Diego Fetch dvm360® conference, Fred Wininger, VMD, MS, DACVIM, defined veterinary seizures and what often causes them, plus he revealed the breeds that are predisposed to this condition and those patients that are more challenging to treat.

View the video below for the entire discussion. The following is a partial transcript:

Fred Wininger, VMD, MS, DACVIM: Seizures I think of as 'the cough of the brain.' They're essentially a symptom of an underlying disease. We try to break those conditions into 3 main categories. One of them would be something outside of the brain affecting the brain like an ingested toxin or inability of the liver to do its job. A second group would be something wrong with the brain itself which would be a tumor or inflammation or a malformation of the brain. But by far and away the most common cause is going to be idiopathic epilepsy.

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