The 10 Best Countries for Retirement

September 18, 2018
Amanda Carrozza

Amanda Carrozza is a freelance writer and editor in New Jersey.

When it comes to the top places in the world to retire, the United States ranks far lower than you might expect.

Earlier this year, Orlando, Florida was named the US city that has the most to offer retirees. But should veterinary professionals nearing the end of their career look overseas for the most pleasant retirement possible? According to some experts, the answer is yes. In fact, in Natixis Investment Managers annual ranking of countries with best retirement outlook, 15 countries ranked higher than the United States.

To create its list, the global asset management firm compared 43 countries based on finances, material well-being, health, and quality of life. According to according to Ed Farrington, executive vice president of retirement strategies at Natixis, the countries that landed in the top spots have 3 things in common: low levels of income inequality, available health care, and strong social programs.


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Interestingly, many of the countries in the top 10 did not fare very well in the finance rankings. For example, Norway, Denmark, and the Netherlands all received high cumulative rankings, but in individual finance rankings all 3 countries placed in spot 28 or lower. Where these 10 countries did rank consistently high, however, was in the Quality of Life index, which accounts for overall happiness.

The top 10 countries to retire to are:

1. Switzerland

2. Iceland

3. Norway

4. Sweden

5. New Zealand

6. Australia

7. Ireland

8. Denmark

9. Canada

10. Netherlands

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