Team training tool: How to complete DEA form 222


You know you must keep records each and every time a controlled substance changes hands or is used on a veterinary patient. CVC educator Mary Berg offers this advice to complete DEA form 222 flawlessly.

Shutterstock.comIt's important that the DEA Form 222 be filled out correctly, says CVC educator Mary Berg, BS, RVT, RLATG, VTS (dentistry), and it must include all of the required data and there can be no corrections on the document. If you make an error while filling out the form, a new form must be completed and the form with the error be must be kept. It's not acceptable to cross out an error and write beside it, Berg says. DEA forms 222 are sequentially numbered, and the registered person must be able to account for all the numbers in the series. So all lines in red on the DEA Form 222 must be filled out correctly. 

A common error: to not fill out the “Last Line Completed” line. This is to indicate that you have requested to purchase a certain number of drugs.  By completing this line, it prevents someone from adding to your order. Here's a sample form to guide you as you complete this form for your veterinary practice.

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