Synchrony donates to Canine Companions in honor of National Service Dog Month


Nonprofit connects individuals with disabilities to expertly trained service dogs at no cost

Photo courtesy of Synchrony.

Photo courtesy of Synchrony.

With National Service Dog Month coming up this September, Synchrony, a consumer financing company, has expanded its partnership with Canine Companions, a nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with disabilities by pairing them with expertly trained service dogs. Synchrony has recently gifted the organization a $85,000 donation and throughout their over 8-year partnership, has donated more than $250,000 to Canine Companions.

"The partnership between a person with a disability and their service dog is a lifetime relationship," explained Boo Larsen, senior vice president and general manager, veterinary and pet care, Synchrony.1 "By expanding our partnership with Canine Companions, we can help provide independence to people with disabilities by matching them with their cherished companions."

Canine Companions serves people with physical and developmental disabilities, adults who are deaf or hard of hearing, and professionals working in health care, visitation, educational or criminal justice environments with task-trained service dogs.1 Service dogs can provide both physical and emotional benefits for people with disabilities, such as opening doors for those in wheelchairs, offering seizure alerts for those with epilepsy, plus these animals can boost their confidence, independence, provide companionship, and more.2

Synchrony provides consumers 2 veterinary and pet financing products—CareCredit, a health and wellness credit card, and Pets Best, a pet health insurance product—that will support the collaboration.1 Synchrony's CareCredit Rewards Mastercard cardholders have access to a reward redemption donation to Canine Companions as a CharityChoice gift card. Synchrony's Pets Best policyholders can donate to Canine Companions when they successfully refer someone via the Pets Best referral program.

"Synchrony and Canine Companions have a partnership rooted in a belief of the transformative power of the human-canine bond," said Paige Mazzoni, CEO, Canine Companions.1 "We are grateful for their marketing and financial support of our mission to enhance the lives of people with disabilities through expertly trained service dogs."


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