'Sup with pet supplements?

February 4, 2018

Consider these veterinary supplements-and be prepared to respond when clients ask you about them.

shutterstock.comPet owners are more invested in their pets' health than ever before, and some are looking to supplements to solve some of their pets' needs. Learn more so you can make recommendations the next time pet owners ask you about these products.

For the active animal

QUINICARN L-carnitine Supplement for Cats and Dogs Nutramax Laboratories Veterinary Sciences

L-carnitine-it's a trend that's flowed from bodybuilders to Baxter and Bella. Pet owners may look for L-carnitine supplementation to stimulate fatty acid metabolism, support recovery time after strenuous activity, help their pet maintain a lean muscle mass or to support heart and liver heath.

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To promote mobility

Alenza Soft Chews from Bayer HealthCare Animal Health

Their claim: This supplement is designed help promote and maintain mobility and comfort in dogs that need more than a joint supplement. It's a soft chew that contains ingredients such as bioflavonoids and extracts from the Boswellia tree.

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For fluffballs

Feline Furball Pro, from VetriScience Laboratories

Nothing gets a pet owner out of bed faster than the sound of the cat herking up a hairball on the new Persian rug at 3 a.m. This supplement contains fatty acids, antioxidants, natural sources of enzymes and psyllium fiber to support optimal gastrointestinal tract function and to alleviate internal conditions that cause the collection and formation of hairballs.

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