Stimulating pet enrichment data

October 15, 2017

Results from the dvm360 Clinical Updates: Pet Enrichment Survey reveal a disconnect between the importance veterinary professionals place on enrichment in theory and in the exam room.

A vast majority of veterinary professionals recognize pet enrichment as an important aspect of pet health and client service, but that doesn't mean these discussions always make it into the exam room. Let's look at the numbers from the dvm360 Clinical Updates: Pet Enrichment Survey:

Despite this gap, enrichment conversations are taking place-most often during puppy/kitten/recent purchase visits and behavior visits, as shown by the graph below:

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From toys to sensory stimulation, we asked veterinarians to share the categories of enrichment they recommend most often for dogs and cats. Both toys and feeding options that increase enrichment were vital parts of both lists.

If you're part of the 26% who aren't currently discussing pet enrichment with your clients, survey respondents offered ideas for where to start. For cats, toys and play tied for the top spot as the one enrichment strategy respondents were most likely to recommend. For dogs, exercise was the clear winner.


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