Share this heap of praise that will be music to your techs' ears


In anticipation of this year's Veterinary Technician Week, these veterinary specialists were ready to discuss the absolute good of techs.

Take a moment to bask in the glow of a job well done, and hope for the future. (Photo:

At Fetch dvm360 conference in Kansas City, we sat down with specialists eager to rhapsodize on their love for the technicians they work with. So technicians-or maybe soon-to-be veterinary nurses-do you need a little extra support this week? Pop in your earbuds-or blast your speakers-to bask in the hearfelt thanks:

Vets can solve any problem (y'know, as long as they have techs)

Rehab specialist Dr. Mathew Brunke says specialists lean on their veterinary technicians as extra sets of hands-and eyes. "When a patient isn't right, my techs know it usually before my clients do-and sometimes before I do," he says.


'Technicians are our lifeline.'

Surgeon Dr. David Dycus says technicians can help veterinarians throw off some of that type A personality and unburden themselves from feeling the need to do everything themselves. The true beneficiaries in this? Techs themselves. "We can allow them to develop in their personal endeavors and growth as to what they want to become in their professional careers," he says.


'The day does not run without my veterinary technicians'

Imaging specialist Dr. Eli Cohen says techs are key to his practice productivity. "They're monitoring the patients on the table, frequently letting me know if they have concerns about that patient, if you need to stop the exam and do something else," he says. (Hey, did you know there's a new diagnostic imaging veterinary technician specialty?)


Practitioners: Delegate to your technicians and supercharge your effectiveness in the clinic

Pain management proponent Dr. Robin Downing says techs are essential to efficiency and care in any practice. "There are three things that only veterinarians can do legally-all the rest of veterinary healthcare can and should be performed by veterinary nurses," she says.


Technicians are vital in end-of-life cases

Veterinary hospice hero Dr. Mary Gardner says the true heroes of achieving a good ending are the techs. "Our technicians are wonderful and they absolutely can handle end-of-life conversations and be rock stars at it," she says.



Not sure what your veterinary technicians can do? Ask them

Letting technicians use their skills is a no-brainer. Empowering technicians to take their skills to their full potential takes a little more effort, but the benefits can be big for both the practice and the technician, says veterinary management expert Brian Conrad.

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