Is separating species in a veterinary facility too costly?

September 20, 2017
Vicki Pollard, CVT, AIA

Vicki Pollard is a certified veterinary technician and veterinary architect at Animal Arts in Boulder, Colorado. She also speaks at the Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Conference.

Smart design can keep stress low and patients at ease.

Though your practice has a great and caring staff, the truth is that most pets would rather steer clear of the veterinary clinic. And if they have to be there, they'd likely prefer to avoid other patients and certainly patients of other species.

Does this take an elaborate design and loads of extra money? No, says Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Conference speaker Vicki Pollard, CVT, AIA.

"It's about careful planning, carefully delineating space and flexible areas to be used by different animals," she says.

Watch the video to learn how to approach this useful separation.