Sample script: Helping clients afford therapeutic diets


Talk to clients about the importance of therapeutic pet food?and how to pay for it.

You: The doctor prescribed a therapeutic diet as part of the treatment plan for Fluffy's urinary calculi. Would you like to purchase that food now?

Client: I've heard how expensive those foods can be. I'm going to look online to find the best price.

You: We price our food competitively, and you should know buying Fluffy's food here allows us to better monitor her health. But if you find a convenient Internet store with lower pricing, use it. However, be sure to use a reputable Web site that hopefully will provide us with prescription renewal information so we can do medical monitoring. Remember, this isn't just food but medication that's an important part of the treatment protocol.

Client: If I can't find the food for a low price, can I just get something similar?

You: Before changing Fluffy's diet, check with the veterinarian. This special diet is a prescription that he issued to help treat Fluffy's urinary calculi. If you're unable to find it for a reasonable price, let us know so we can help look for alternative sources that may be less expensive.

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