Safe plants for your furry friend


This client-friendly education resource can help clarify which plants are safe to have in a home shared with a pet.

Content submitted by Pet Poison Helpline, a dvm360® Strategic Alliance Partner

Those with a nurturing spirit might want to raise plants as well as four-legged creatures. To encourage a safe compromise, we made a list of a few plants that should be safe to keep in the same home as pets. Keep in mind that eating anything outside of the regular diet can cause stomach upset and diarrhea—this includes any plant.

The “Succulent Craze” is a good one to jump onboard with. Many of these popular plants—Jade Plant, Christmas cactus, Sedum, Agave, Money plant, Crown of Thorns, Hoya, Living Stone Plant—could cause a bad taste in the mouth or mild stomach upset if ingested, but not likely an urgent trip in to see your veterinarian.

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