Recognizing World Spay Day


Check out these podcasts and articles discussing spaying procedures, the aftermath of the surgery on patients, and more



Through informative content and community engagement, World Spay Day aims to educated individuals worldwide on the benefits of spaying and neutering pets, fostering a more sustainable and compassionate approach to animal welfare. To celebrate and educate veterinary professionals on spay procedures, we have complied a list of articles and podcast episodes.

From an article exploring the speed, safety, and surgery skills needed for spay care to a podcast episode to help veterinary professionals be more confident with spay procedures, there is something here for everyone. Enjoy!

  • The 6-minute spay with June Long: June Long, DVM, offers host Adam Christman, DVM, MBA, and listeners tips on how to perform a quick and efficient spay procedure under a plethora of conditions.
  • Combining the best of private practice with clinic spay/neuter care: This article discusses the integration of private practice principles with clinic spay/neuter services, aiming to enhance efficiency and quality in veterinary care. It highlights strategies for combining the strengths of both models to improve patient outcomes while maintaining affordability and accessibility for pet owners.
  • New body, new diet with Staci Scolavino: Staci Scolavino, VMD, and Christman, reviewed the impact spay or neuter procedures have on a pets appetite and metabolisms, plus how these can often lead to significant weight gain in these patients.
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