Ready to binge read? Top 10 veterinary team articles of 2016

December 1, 2016

We made a list and checked it twice. Make sure you didn't miss any of these articles your colleagues gobbled up this year.

So veterinary team members like urine-or at least to read about it. You'll see a urological bent pop up in the latter part of the list (spoiler alert for #1 and #2). Oh, you also like to hear about struggles your colleagues are going through (a sympathetic crew you are!), your possibly changing role in the practice (get the recognition you deserve!) and the strange wonders of parasites (cockroaches as carriers anyone?).

10. Tech's confess: What's on your mind?

Veterinary technicians spill their secrets! Check out their anonymous confessions about the things that make vet tech life super-annoying, super-sad and (of course) totally hilarious and awesome.

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9. When your job becomes a chronic pain

Years of heavy lifting and repetitive motions as a veterinary technician took a toll on my body. I'm sharing my story story to prevent others from sharing my pain.

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8. Mad at work?

Use these tips to tame tempers and vanquish veterinary team tantrums.

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7. 5 lessons/laughs on revenue leaks

A multi-part plan to find a little extra money and a lot better patient care at your veterinary practice.

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6. It is time for the veterinary nurse practitioner?

Getty ImagesCould this new role solve a host of problems facing the veterinary profession?

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5. Top 8 nastiest things to clean at a veterinary practice

Check out this gross-to-the-max list of maggot-infested, anal-gland-laced messes that lurk around every dim and dusty corner of your practice.

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4. 5 strange facts about parasites

Photo courtesy of the CDCDispel veterinary client's misconceptions about parasites with these crazy-but-true facts.

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3. Top 10 hospital inefficiencies, as identified by dogs and cats

These precocious pets are here to show you the gaps, rifts and design flaws that bust your ability to take care of business at your veterinary practice.

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2. Need a urine sample? Urine luck!

We've collected 9 of our favorite tips compiled from the pages of Veterinary Medicine to help you collect that free-catch urine sample from your veterinary patients.

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1. Image Quiz: What's up with this urine sample?

Photo courtesy of SediVue DX Urine Sediment Analyzer from IDEXX LaboratoriesBilirubin crystals, granular casts, Capillaria eggs ... do you know your stuff? Take a look at these snapshots and test your knowledge.

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*BONUS: Team meeting in a box

Getty ImagesFree team training on mental health, pain, obesity, feline medicine, fecal exams and so much more. As hard to resist as a box of kittens!

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