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Raw Dog and Cat Food Recall Expanded


The raw dog and cat food company is expanding upon its recall from August to include all products manufactured within a 5-month timespan.

G & C Raw, LLC, a pet food manufacturer located in Versailles, Ohio, is expanding upon a recall that was issued in August of this year. The recall now includes all product lots from certain dates of their raw dog and cat food products due to possible Listeria monocytogenes contamination.

In total, 29 varieties sold under the brand names G & C Raw Dog Food and G & C Raw Cat food are being recalled. The recall includes nearly 5 months of products that were manufactured from February 27, 2018 through July 20, 2018 with lot numbers that end in 022718 through 072918.

The recalled products are:

  • Beef Veggie Mix Dog Food
  • Ground Beef Dog Food
  • Sliced Beef Heart Dog Food
  • Ground Beef Heart Dog Food P
  • Kim’s Special Beef Organ Dog Food
  • Ground Chicken Dog Food
  • Chicken Veggie Mix Dog Food
  • Chicken Mix Patties Dog Food
  • Duck Veggie Mix Dog Food
  • Ground Duck Dog Food
  • Ground Rabbit Dog Food
  • Rabbit Veggie Mix Dog Food
  • Ground Lamb Dog Food
  • Lamb Veggie Mix Dog Food
  • Ground Beef Pancreas Dog Food
  • Beef Liver Chunks Dog Food
  • Beef Sweet Breads Dog Food
  • Ground Pork Dog Food
  • Pork Veggie Mix Dog Food
  • Shelby’s Pork Organ Mix Dog Food
  • Ground Pollock Dog Food
  • Turkey Veggie Mix Dog Food
  • Ground Turkey Dog Food
  • Tripe Dog Food
  • Pat’s Cat Beef
  • Pat’s Cat Chicken
  • Pat’s Cat Turkey
  • Pat’s Cat Duck
  • Pat’s Cat Rabbit

It is believed that the items may have been sold in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, and Illinois. All of the products were sold through direct delivery.

The original recall in August, which included 30 containers of Pat's Cat Turkey and 40 containers of Ground Lamb Dog Food, was initiated following a routine sampling program conducted by the Ohio Department of Agriculture. At that time testing revealed that the finished products contained the bacteria. To date, no confirmed illnesses have been associated with any of these raw dog and cat food products.

Although an infection is rare in dogs and cats, pets that have contracted Listeria may display such signs as mild to severe diarrhea, anorexia, fever, and nervous system, muscular, and respiratory signs. In addition, infected animals can shed Listeria through their feces, which can get onto carpets, furniture, and the pet’s coat, possibly serving as a source of infection to humans and other animals in the household.

Humans infected with Listeria may exhibit nausea, vomiting, aches, fever, and diarrhea. In people, the infection can also spread through the bloodstream to the nervous system—including the brain—resulting in meningitis and other potentially fatal problems.

G & C is urging consumers who purchased any of these products to return them to G & C Raw, 225 N. West Street, Versailles, OH, for a full refund.

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