Rare and effective strategies to avoid and overcome veterinary burnout


Check out the 3 things that helped Dr Quincy Hawley, cofounder of GetMotiVETed, overcome his burnout.

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1. Immerse yourself in all things burnout/wellbeing.

Study like you’re trying to get your DVM/PhD in burnout. Better yet, proceed like you’re trying to get your DVM/PhD in wellbeing! Why? You're going to learn so many different strategies and tools for living a life free of burnout that you can enjoy! It just makes sense! For the same reason, a cardiologist understands the heart better than a mechanic or general practitioner, you will understand wellbeing and inner peace better than the current version of yourself who isn't relentlessly studying wellbeing!

2. Re-evaluate your purpose, clarify, and idealize.

Set aside time daily to evaluate your life purpose. Are you currently living a purpose-driven life? What is your life purpose? Is it to treat animals? Is it to do something other than veterinary medicine? Is it to do vet med and something else? When I was feeling burnt out, I DID NOT have a feeling of purpose. I really didn't know why I was doing what I was doing.

3. Believe in yourself.

Years ago, you decided that you wanted to be a veterinarian or veterinary technician. You found experiences in veterinary medicine as a pre-vet/tech student. You took many pre-requisite classes that helped you build a ‘foundation’ for becoming a vet/tech.

You paid a LOT of money to go to school (and maybe even undergrad), but you knew where you wanted to go. You studied HARD in veterinary/tech school and endured the long nights and large volumes of information. You passed the courses, graduated, and now you are treating animals, helping clients, and saving lives!

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