Quick script: Lick this common parasite question clients ask


Check out this Q&A to answer one of pet owners' top questions about parasites.

Do your clients have worms on the brain? Unfortunately not. They come in with a sweet, new puppy and all they think about is how “cute” all her little kisses are. It‘s our job to make learning about and managing parasite infections one of the owner's top priorities. Here's a common parasite question and answer to help make those kisses a little safer.

Q:  I haven't seen worms in my pet's stool. Doesn't that mean she doesn't have any parasites?

A:  Each type of parasite has a unique life cycle. The current stage of these life cycles can affect the evidence a potential parasite may leave behind. Although a “negative” fecal exam could mean the parasite isn't currently shedding eggs for us to find, it helps us get one step closer to finding and treating any parasites. This is also why the veterinarian may recommend repeating a fecal in a month or so if your pet is showing signs of an infection even after a “negative” test.

Once you've addressed this common hitch in the parasite conversation, you can hand that kiss-factory back to her parents for some much deserved TLC!

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