Put These 10 Destinations on Your Travel Itinerary


Dreaming of your next vacation? Here are 10 of the best places to travel this year, according to Travel + Leisure.

As reports of snow and wind dominate the forecast in much of the country, you may already be dreaming of lavish (and very warm) vacation plans for the year ahead. Who could blame you?

Travel experts and writers from around the world have added their recommendations to the list of 50 best destinations to discover in 2018. Here we highlight 10 of these must-see places from Travel + Leisure, a one-stop resource for tips, news and information about the most exciting destinations in the world. Make your reservations early so you don’t miss out.

To read the full list, visit their website.

1. Šolta, Croatia

Traveling between Croatia’s 1,200 islands has historically been an expensive endeavor, but that is set to change in 2018 with the addition of UberBOAT, a speedboat service from the popular on-demand driving company. Now, visitors can easily travel to the underappreciated hilly island of Šolta and experience its pebbly beaches, turquoise waters and lush greenery. Best of all, the trip can be booked with the push of a button on the Uber app.

2. Greenville, South Carolina

Southern cities are known for their love of wholesome, delicious food, and now Greenville is stepping into the limelight. Couple their exciting new restaurants with southern charm and history, and you’ve got yourself an impressive location to explore.

3. Grenada

Still one of the Caribbean’s under-the-radar gems, Grenada has everything you need to get away from it all. Its uncrowded beaches, preserved rain forests and lively culture are just some of the many things this island has to offer — not to mention their first major resort in 25 years will be opening in 2018.

4. Buenos Aires, Argentina

What isn’t happening in Buenos Aries this year? The inaugural Art Basel Cities program, the Youth Olympic Games and the G20 Summit are all coming to the eclectic city in 2018. And if that isn’t enough to keep you occupied, you can reserve a table at Tegui, which was just named one of the world’s 50 best restaurants by a panel of more than 1,000 culinary experts.

5. Los Cabos, Mexico

A flood of brand new five-star hotels are joining the already impressive list of resorts in Los Cabos next year. Tourists are flocking to the area to visit the pristine beaches, dance in the lively nightclubs and delight in the farm-to-table food scene within this oasis city.

6. Walla Walla Valley, Washington

Experience more than 300 days of sunshine in Walla Walla Valley in 2018 and spend your time golfing, cycling or sipping fine wine. This city is home to more than 140 wineries that are the perfect pairing for its gorgeous landscapes.

7. Uzbekistan

The affordable and safe nation of Uzbekistan might seem remote and a little off the map, but since a new regime has taken over, citizens and the international community are optimistic about the region’s success. You can now experience beautiful, well-preserved mosques while traveling through the country’s major cities on a new high-speed-train line.

8. Egypt

Your new reason to visit Egypt next year? The Grand Egyptian Museum, which partially opens in 2018 and houses more than 100,000 artifacts — including the body and golden funeral mask of Tutankhamen. The nation has invested nearly $1 billion in the museum, which has been under construction for more than two decades.

9. Marrakesh, Morocco

Every artist’s dream will come true in Marrakesh, which is now home to the Yves Saint Laurent Museum and will be the site of this year’s 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair. This art fair will position the city — which is already home to a vast array of art museums and galleries — as a hub for African art.

10. Fiji

Take in the gorgeous scenery of Fiji while relaxing in one of the new island resorts opening this year. Go scuba diving near the Great Astrolabe Reef, which is located in the backyard of the new Kokomo Private Island Resort, a luxurious paradise spread across 140 acres of rain forests and white sand beaches. What are you waiting for?

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