Promoting a positive work environment


In a dvm360® interview, Bridget Rollins, EMBA, offered insight on the role practice managers can play in fostering a workplace where team members will thrive.

During a dvm360® interview, Bridget Rollins, EMBA, the vice president of operations at Thrive Pet Healthcare, detailed methods for promoting a healthy work environment including ensuring staff is held accountable, encouraging breaks, plus more.

View the video below for the entire discussion. The following is a partial transcript.

Bridget Rollins, EMBA: Definitely what we've seen in research is promoting breaks, both a lunch break, as well as those periodic 10-minute breaks. And I mean, I've worked in hospitals for many, many years, I get it...I worked at the [emergency room] ER, where it's really hard to walk off the floor for a break, when everybody is kind of coding all around you, right? But it is so critically important to one's mental health to be able to stop and unplug.

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