Pride, representation, and inclusion in vet med


Omar Farías, VMD shares what it means to him to be a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community in the veterinary profession and how being more inclusive is a win for all

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Pride Month in veterinary medicine

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Happy Pride Month! To celebrate and commemorate this important occasion, Omar Farías, VMD and president-elect of PrideVMC joins The Vet Blast Podcast to talk LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusion in the veterinary profession. He shares his story of coming out and the work being done to make veterinary medicine a safer, more representative community for all.

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Adam Christman, DVM, MBA: How important is inclusion in our profession?

Omar Farías, VMD: Inclusion is really, really important. And you know, seeing diversity and LGBTQ all parts of the profession is so important....We're quite a diverse society, and the more individuals are included within the different layers of leadership and opportunities to better represent that, ultimately, I think that's going to lead us to be in a better spot. Because to have diverse, dissenting voices, it's actually a good thing as part of the process.

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