Podcast CE: What's in a Number? How a Clinical Pathologist Approaches Results


Adam Christman, DVM, MBA, chats with Carolyn Grimes, DVM, DACVP (Clinical), to learn more about population-based reference intervals in veterinary medicine and the potential drawbacks to this approach.

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Program Description:

This podcast will delve into the critical importance and limitations of population-based reference intervals in veterinary diagnostics. Hear directly from a clinical pathologist and Medical Director of Zoetis Reference Laboratories on best practices for interpretating chemistry and hematology data and common errors to avoid.

Program Agenda:

  • What defines a population-based reference interval?
  • What happens when an interval is:
    • Too broad?
    • Too narrow?
  • How should a reference interval be used when evaluating a laboratory result?
  • Rationale for laboratory-specific intervals

Learning Objectives:

  • Define a population-based reference interval in veterinary medicine
  • Compare the potential problems with intervals that are too broad and too narrow
  • Explain the limitations of reference intervals when interpreting individual patient results
  • Identify the need for proper quality regulation in veterinary reference laboratories
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