Paving the way for a more diversified veterinary profession


In this dvm360® interview, veterinary technician Walter Brown shares why Black History Month is important to him, and the veterinary profession

In honor of Black History Month, Walter Brown, BS, RVTg, VTS, EEC, sat down with dvm360® to discuss his career path in veterinary medicine, plus why this month is not only a time to honor those who paved the way, but for those who continue to pave the way for generations to come.

The following is a partial transcript of the video.

Walter Brown, BS, RVTg, VTS, EEC: Understanding that this field needs to be diversified and there are a number of people Black, White, yellow, purple, green, whatever it may be are in this thing together helping to diversify the field and give that recognition all throughout the year but doubling down on it in February is what Black History Month means to me from a veterinary medicine point of view.

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