Online pharmacies: Its time to give veterinary clients 'the talk'

December 20, 2016
Kelly Capasso

Your veterinary client is still confused about online pharmacies and you still dont know what to say. Use these ideas to get started.

The subject of online pharmacies can seem daunting, especially when your client doesn't know the first thing about them and you don't know the first thing about recommending them. Luckily, Kelly Capasso, practice manager at Bigger Road Veterinary Clinic in Springboro, Ohio, knows just how important a conversation like this is. Here are a couple of examples of how to discuss online pharmacies with clients.

Recommending your own online pharmacy to clients

What you might say: "We would like for you to get this medication/food/supplement through our online pharmacy. The cost to us isn't the same as stocking it in house, so we can pass the savings on to you. Most clients save between 20 and 40 percent off their pet's medications and it gets delivered right to your home. It comes from the same source as the product on our shelves, so you can trust it.”

Discussing other online pharmacies with clients

"We don't find ourselves recommending other online pharmacies, because we have a really great partner," Capasso says. "When a client prefers to use another pharmacy we make sure their needs are respected and accommodated and focus on helping them understand the importance of using an accredited pharmacy with proper credentials and trusted product."

Remember, you should say what feels the most comfortable for your practice's situation based on your relationships with reliable partners and keep your client's needs in mind always. 

Kelly Capasso is the practice manager at Bigger Road Veterinary Clinic in Springboro, Ohio.