Ohio passes dog breeding law


State can now regulate puppy mills.

After seven years of legislative wrangling, Ohio now has the framework to regulate so-called "puppy mills" through the passage of Senate Bill 130.

Authority over commercial dog breeders sits now with the Ohio Department of Agriculture. A governor-appointed board will establish standard of care guidelines. The board will consist of representatives from breeding clubs, humane groups and veterinarians. Veterinarians will also be contracted to perform inspections at breeding facilities.

Some groups, such as the Humane Society of the United States, claimed veterinarians inspecting existing clients presents a conflict on interest. Ohio Veterinary Medical Association President Ryan Zimmerman, DVM, said during testimony, "Those who suggest veterinarians cannot perform an oversight role with impartiality do not fully understand the roles, training and principles veterinarians already bring to their daily practice and society." The veterinary inspection language was upheld in the bill with slight modification.

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