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New probiotic product helps occasionally constipated cats


Visbiome Vet Constipation Care will promote regular bowel movements and foster a healthy microbiome

Visbiome Vet Constipation Care (image courtesy of ExeGi Pharma LLC)

Visbiome Vet Constipation Care (image courtesy of ExeGi Pharma LLC)

ExeGi Pharma – a therapeutic probiotic solutions company – officially unveiled its new probiotic formula, Visbiome Vet Constipation Care, designed to combat occasional constipation in cats.

"The launch of Visbiome Vet Constipation Care is an important advancement in feline health solutions. Constipation in domestic cats is a common issue which seriously impacts the quality of life for many cats and their pet parents,” expressed Donna Raditic, DVM, CVA, DACVIM (Nutrition), in an organizational release.1

“We have significantly less research for our feline patients, so I am excited to use a scientifically backed nutritional solution like Visbiome Vet Constipation Care. It gives us a new tool for managing a complicated condition with limited therapeutic options."

According to the release, the new product was created based on extensive research and development to combine unique probiotic strains strategically picked to support gastrointestinal health.1 The formulated created will focus on promoting regular bowel movements and nurturing a balanced microbiome, which will in time promote the overall health of the cat.

Visbiome Vet Constipation Care contains a SLAB51, which is a high potency and eight strained probiotic blend. A study was conducted to investigate the effects of SLAB51 on constipated cats. Ten pet cats who were diagnosed with chronic constipation and were unresponsive to medical management received 2x10 bacteria for 90 days At the end of the study, researchers concluded that cats with chronic constipation and idiopathic megacolon demonstrated significant clinical improvement after SLAB51 treatment.2

Feline constipation can be caused by multiple problems ranging from an indigestible item like fur, electrolyte disturbances, and a side effect from certain medications and treatments ranging based on severity but hydration, medical management, and enemas are also some ways to treat a constipated cat.3


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