Mind Over Miller: Thank you, Veterinary Medicine


Dr. Robert M. Miller remembers when he was first asked to write his monthly column, more than 40 years ago.

In 1968, Dr. Carlos Cooper, the publisher of this journal at that time, telephoned me to ask if I would be willing to become a monthly columnist. He said that because I had demonstrated an ability to write articles for the journal, he felt I was qualified to write a regular department.

Dr. Miller in 1968.

I told him that I was surprised and honored by his offer, but asked for a few days to think about it. That was because I was in a demanding practice at that time and swamped with work. However, I realized I was being offered a unique opportunity.

So I called Dr. Cooper back and said that I would accept his offer, provided that the contents of the column could be variable. It might be about our profession or it might be about other subjects such as politics, history, or philosophy. It might be cartoons. It might even be quite controversial.

Dr. Cooper replied, "Exactly what I want. That's why I gave you the opportunity. I think you can do an interesting, or a provocative, or an entertaining column for us every month.

More than 40 years have gone by. The journal has changed, and the world has changed. Re-reading more than 500 "Mind Over Miller" columns serves as a diary of my life. Incidents that I may have forgotten are recalled as I look at the stories I wrote or at the cartoons I drew.

These columns, which I occasionally peruse, looking for an incident or a concept to quote or to refer back to, make me recall so much of my life. There are case histories, problems within the profession, wonderful adventures, and very funny experiences.

Many of you have told me that you look forward to reading "Mind Over Miller" every month. Well, I enjoy reading past columns. They remind me of the great adventure of veterinary practice I was privileged to experience and of the good people and wonderful animals I was able to help.

Robert M. Miller, DVM, is an author and a cartoonist, speaker and Veterinary Medicine Practitioner Advisory Board member. His thoughts in "Mind Over Miller" are drawn from 32 years as a mixed-animal practitioner. Visit his website at robertmmiller.com.

Robert M. Miller, DVM

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