The mighty monitor: Pulse oximetry and your practice


Want bells and whistles? Just the basics? Theres something for everyone in our pulse oximeter lineup, whether its a newbie or an old favorite.

Though perhaps not the fanciest or flashiest monitor in your line-up, the pulse oximeter is one of the most essential-at least according to the anesthesia and critical care experts we've talked to. Garret Pachtinger, VMD, DACVECC, says his appreciation for the pulse oximeter stems from the fact that it's an “inexpensive tool you can use over and over on all of your patients to make sure their oxygen levels are normal.”

If the sensors on your existing pulse oximeter are glitching out or you just want to explore new features out there, check out these options for your veterinary hospital.


The Vetcorder from Sentier monitors both ECG and SpO2, and it weighs less than most mobile phones so you can carry it right in your pocket or a pouch. This means you can get the information you need without leaving the patient to find a monitor, Sentier reps tell us. If you have to leave a patient's side, you can Bluetooth-connect the Vetcorder to a tablet to monitor vitals up to 60 feet away.

Cardell Touch

The Cardell Touch from Midmark is a multiparameter monitor that, in addition to pulse oximetry, provides blood pressure and ECG, with additional parameters available as options. The technology is designed to be both highly advanced and easy to use-fast and intuitive with a user-friendly touch interface, Midmark says.

Cardell Insight

The Cardell Insight 8015, also from Midmark, is perfect if you want a more basic unit, with just blood pressure and pulse oximetry measurements. It doesn't have a touch screen, but it's compact, lightweight and durable, and each Cardell monitor comes with accessories, including cuffs, probes, sensors and connecting cables.

SurgiVet V030

The SurgiVet V1030 Hand Held Pulse Oximeter from Smiths Medical provides fast, reliable SpO2, pulse rate and pulse signal strength measurements across a full range of patients and helps maintain accurate SpO2 readings during periods of patient motion and when monitoring patients with low perfusion, the company reports.

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