Meet the Fetch Faculty Charles D. McMillan, DVM: Part 2

Downtown Charlotte, NC

In this interview, Charles D. McMillan, DVM, summarized key points he will address during his talk on diversity at the next Fetch dvm360® conference.

According to Charles D. McMillan, DVM, Incoming Medical Director/Owner at GoodVets in Atlanta, Georgia, his talk "Addressing The Elephant In The Room: Lack Of Diversity In Veterinary Medicine," is one of his favorites to deliver. He explained that it delves into why a lack of diversity exists in the field, plus how to overcome it and more.

View the video below for the entire discussion. The following is a partial transcript.

Charles D. McMillan, DVM: I touch a little bit [upon] what are the positives of having diversity in all different aspects of industry, not just veterinary industry? Conversely, I then go more into depth of what are the injuries that having a lack of diversity causes to the industry of veterinary medicine?

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